Johnathan is the motivation for making this website. His sudden death in 2020 made us realize that both caregivers and medical providers need more education on the dangers of button batteries.

Johnathan Gabriel Huff
1.7.2019 – 12.20.2020

We love you Nugget!

Johnathan Gabriel Huff was born in Whitesburg, KY on 1.7.2019 at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. He was welcomed into this world by big brother Michael and two excited parents who were ready to be a family of four. From day one, Johnathan brought peace to our family. He was a laid back baby who seemed to transition well into his new home. As Michael was nicknamed “bug”, Johnathan’s nickname became “nug”, short for Nugget. Michael loved having a little baby to look at and play with. The first few months were a blur of nighttime nursing and well-child visits, but we quickly got into the swing of things and felt complete.

Johnathan’s first year with us was filled with adventure. He was baptized January 27th, 2019 at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Englewood, OH. He had a year of meeting family and friends with frequent road trips. He rode on firetrucks, watched Michael play soccer, had his first BBQ, went hiking, and experienced his first arcade. He was Chickaletta at Halloween and went down a hill on a sled in the snow! Before his first steps, he preferred a butt scoot with his right leg tucked under his body. He found his love for food and would try anything we gave him, but only if we were able to get the paci from his mouth. Johnathan’s love for paci’s is unforgettable. He would always have one in his mouth or grasping it tightly in his hand. At night, we would search through the house for a paci to help soothe him to sleep, knowing that he needed multiple in his crib so he could quickly replace one if it dropped out of his mouth. This led us to buying A LOT of paci’s. We never wanted to get stuck without one. This little man experienced so many things in his first year.

Then 2020 brought a lot of change for Johnathan and all of us. He was getting bigger and started being able to play more with Michael. He loved to wake up Michael in the morning with a knock knock at the door. We said, “Who’s there?” and Michael would yell, “Michael Ray Huff!”. This became a morning ritual and always brought lots of hugs and giggles from both boys. COVID led us to North Carolina, a new job for Mommy and a new home. Johnathan adapted with ease. He started going to day care and never worried once about running inside to play with all of his friends. We tried to give the boys every experience possible in this new chapter. We went to the zoo, children’s museums, playgrounds, and the pool. It felt like we never stopped for months. The fall brought corn pits, apple launchers, and big culvert pipe slides. He dressed up as Catboy to match Michael’s Gekko for Halloween. Johnathan started watching his own favorite show, Bubble Guppies, and had an interest in planes. He ate Doritos, watched Daddy play video games, and would “tickle, tickle, tickle” and “boop” you when you snuggled close.

As the year was coming to an end, we celebrated with a trip to see Christmas lights. We didn’t know that the next day would begin an awful trip that ended in the loss of our sweet, joyful little Nugget.

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